Identify area of concern

Since rodents are nocturnal you’ll rarely see them during the day, so look for signs of their presence:

  • Nests or piled nesting materials
  • Holes gnawed in stored foods, building materials etc.
  • Droppings (1/4” - 1/8” with tapered ends)
  • Rodent hairs
  • Live or dead rodents

Deploy Hightail in those areas

If using indoors, simply place a 500g jar near any suspected entry points (doors, cracks, next to the wall, etc.) and remove the lid. One 500g jar is effective over a 100 square feet area.

For preventative use over larger outdoor areas, use the 9kg jug to pour a continuous line of Hightail (approx. 5cm wide by 2cm deep) around the perimeter of your building creating a rodent-free barrier.


Stop Worrying about Rodents

A single application of Hightail will provide you with up to six rodent-free months. After six months, just replace the jars (or reapply around building) to maintain your invisible rodent barrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

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